Heeney Tick Festival

Sorry to say, we haven't had a Tick Festival since 2001. The Bureau of Reclamation which controls Green Mountain Dam can close off the area below the Dam to the public at a moments notice. Since September 11, 2001 the area is considered a security risk.
The Tick Festival started as a community party when the population was probably about 50 which might have included some dogs. The festival was the major fund raising effort of the Lower Blue Volunteer Fire Department.

One of our fund raising events was electing the Tick Festival King and Queen. The way the king and queen won is by who got the most votes. Jars were set up at the businesses in and around Heeney. A vote was a penny. Winning was a dubious distinction so some nominees had been known to stuff their competitor's jars full ten dollar bills!

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Pictures of the 20th Annual Tick Festival, 2000

Bellydancers in the parade.

Reigning Heeney Tick Festival King and Queen.
Mark Astmann and Devon Abbott wave to their subjects along the parade route.


The quilt at left was auctioned off in the Live Auction last year.  All proceeds went to the Lower Blue Fire Department.

The winners of the parade, Ticks Helen and Suzie Brady and Don Scott.

The Queen of the Tick Festival, Devon and King, Mark.

Kid Ticks in the parade.

The King and Queen of the Tick Festival, Devon and Mark.

Helen and Suzie Brady prepare for the parade.

Lunaticks in the parade.


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